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The wide array of courses that we offer at George Academy is much more than any other Coaching institution in Asansol and Paschim Bardhaman from classes for all subjects from classes 2-10, we offer classes for Commerce from classes 11-12.
However this is just the tip of the iceberg. A range of professional courses which aim of training students in vedic maths, logical Reasoning, coding, Multimedia have been incorporated according to the new N.E.P. Another very exiting and one of a kind courses which is exclusive to George Academy is collage to corporate. This courses aims at training students from college, in various aspects, so that they can fit into the corporate world with ease.


Why George Academy?

When a tree grows day by day and expands its roots, it is due to the extensive care, rainfall and a lot of sunlight. So it is evident why we have been able to build a foundation so strong. It has been growing for 10 years now and we are just getting started. Our Teachers provide the extensive care and hard work. While our students and the parents shower their love on us. On top of all this our leadership is like the warmth of the sun which has continuously guided us. The final idea is to spread our roots more and more and eventually provide fruits of knowledge and a shade for those who are tired.


It is said that actions speak louder than words and we take provide in this. Therefore we let our result speak for us. These results are a combined effort of the hard work of students and the dedication of teachers. Outstanding result have been part our academy throughout its tenure, however if we take up the result of the last few years, they speak volume themselves.


Best Teachers

Our teachers are not only competent in their fields but also dedicated. In all situations they keep the Academy in front of everything else and their loyalty proves this fact.


Adaptive Teaching

No two students learn in the same manner. So it is necessary that each and every student must be though in a manner that they find easy to group. That remains the primary focus of our teachers and we take pride in standing beside all our students.

LIVE! and Interactive

Education has been digitalized during the pandemic and this was a big change for a lot of people. Not for us. With an application, made while keeping in mind the interests of our students, we have gone digital a long time back. Live classes, recorded classes, notes for each chapter our application takes care of every small detail.

Convinient and safe

Our website has been designed keeping in mind that it is easily accessible to everyone. You can clear out all of your doubts in a single click. You can now pay your fees or purchase Courses very safely as our payment process is secure and well monitored.


Our Team