• 120+ Power packed engaging recorded sessions - If you want to consistently score in accountancy, you require clarity in concepts. Accountancy is a subject where there is nothing to mug. All you require is to understand the accounting concepts and basic fundamentals of each topic. With George sir’s inimitable teaching style studying accounts becomes fun. MORE than 150 sums(in total) have been solved from each chapter.
  • Concepts testing MCQSThis program includes multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter. The questions are designed to test the fundamental concepts of each topic/chapter.
  • 10+ live sessionsThe Accountancy champ program includes 10+ live interactive sessions by George sir. Personal doubts will be taken care during these live sessions.
  • Stratergy sessions- 20 days before the examination live strategy session will be conducted where past 5 years question papers will be analysed scientifically. Suggestions will also be given for the current year’s examination.
  • E-Books - Comprehensive study materials will be given to students both in Hard copy as well as in E-format.
  • Full Length Mocks - Minimum of 3 full length mocks in E format will be included in this program.This mock exams will increase the confidence level and students will be better prepared.
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